Alternate Spellings:         D’Aoust - Daoust - Dault - Dahoult - Dahout

- Dahult - Daot - Daoût - Dauld - D’Aout - Dauth - Dawlt - Deau

- Deault - Deaut - Deaux - Doe -Doth - Doult - Dow

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Ultimate Sacrifice

Royal Canadian Navy

3 Volume Book Set was released September 27, 2013

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Welcome to D'Aoust History Genealogy Project.

You are currently viewing the home page for  the D'Aoust  Genealogy History Project website. This project started when my son Jason asked a number of unanswered questions about his great grandparents.  This interest in the D’Aoust family, and an old family picture of Bob’s Grandfather, started the hunt in 1987. 

History of the D’Aoust Genealogy Project

 The Project began out of an interest by Bob D'Aoust in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to record and document the D'Aoust family tree. Along the way, he came across many other individuals who had either begun to do the same thing (but eventually gave up after hitting a dead end in their research) or who had only done research that pertained to their immediate family line. With the contribution of their material to the already large database Bob has collected, the project has grown exponentially.

 You can navigate this website using the key words HOME, BOOK, LINKS, CONTACT. GUESTBOOK/COMMENTS,  NEW BOOK NEW RESEARCH

Purpose of the D'Aoust Genealogy History Project

The main purpose of this Website is to exchange D’Aoust Genealogy information. I am willing to share my Genealogy data with any family member in exchange for them sharing their family data.


The D’Aoust Genealogy Project would not have been possible without the support of the following people:

  • Margaret E. D’Aoust - Waterloo, Ontario
  • Lee-Anne D’Aoust - Dubai, UAE
  • Jason D’Aoust - Tainan, Taiwan
  • Percy D’Aoust - Ottawa, Ontario
  • Michel Daoust - Sept-Iles, Quebec
  • Mike Daoust - Montreal Quebec
  • Brian Gamble - Waterloo, Ontario
  • David Charlebois - Flint, Michingan
  • Wayne Miller -  Drumbo, Ontario
  • Jean-Claude Daoust - Sainte-Adele, Quebec
  • Louis Larocque - Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario
  • Tom Dault - Kitchener/Cambridge, Ontario
  • Steve Douglas - Belgium

Genealogy is an extraordinary hobby.  It is both a mirror to the past and present



image001.png  Church Register Book.JPG

 My D'Aoust Family 1912 - Church Register, Saints Anges of Lachine               


Guillaume DAousts signature - 1686.JPG

                  DAoust family reunion.JPG

Guillaume D’Aoust's signature - 1686            D’Aoust family Reunion 2001

"Family history informs, educates, intrigues, delights,

entertains, provides perspective, and gives our lives a sense of continuity."


“ Without the loving support from my partner in life, this D’Aoust Genealogy History Project book (revised edition) would never have seen the light of day, Thank you Marg “


- Bob D’Aoust

My father has been a very special individual in my life.  He has instilled in me the many qualities that have made me a better person on this earth.  Thank you Dad for being there when I needed you.
Bob D'Aoust

   DAoust Coat of Arms.png

D'Aoust Coat of Arms



    Anna Raiche



Catherine Allan



Isabel Conners (1925 - 2004)


Margaret E. Babcock


 Vicky Lin