D’Aoust Genealogy Project Book (Hard Cover)

Back in 2000, I released the first D’Aoust Genealogy Project Book.  The book was well received by many family members.



This Hard Cover book is no longer in print and has been replaced by the D’Aoust Genealogy History Project Book (7 Volume DVD book set). Which appears like a book on your computer monitor


 D’Aoust Genealogy History Project Book (7 DVD book set)

After the release of the first book, I started working on the second edition.  With the help of hundreds of family members and nine years of continuous research on the D’Aoust family, the next generation of D’Aoust Genealogy History Project is now completed and can br ordered.

 The 7 DVD is now available. The complete book is made up of 7 DVD book set that contains over 16,705 pages, and thousands of color pages.

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I have attached the Table of Contents for all 7 volumes.


I am accepting orders through my e-mail address bdaoust@rogers.com.


The price will be $245.00 for the complete 7 Volume DVD set. You will have the option of ordering one individual DVD volume at a time. The price includes all taxes & shipping costs.  


  • Volume #1 - $35.00
  • Volume #2 - $55.00
  • Volume #3 - $35.00
  • Volume #4 - $35.00
  • Volume #5 - $35.00
  • Volume #6 - $35.00
  • Volume #7 - $15.00


The 7 Volume DVD set comes in attractive bookshelf cases.  

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Important Note:

You have the option of taking your DVDs to a local printer and having it made into a hard or soft cover book.

Family 1.JPG

Joseph Daoust (1862-1923) – top row from left: Jean Baptiste, Anatole, Exilia Sauvage and her husband Joseph Daoust, Joseph Jr. and Frederick. Front row: Léodas, William, Xavier and Eugène. 

Family 2.JPG

Sévère D’Aoust (Jean Baptiste, Francois, Guillaume, and Guillaume) married Odile St Denis in 1855. He founded Daoust’s Corner, now Sarsfield located near Ottawa. The above family portrait dates to the end of the 19th century. Top row from left: Gilbert, Rosina, Mathilde, Berthide, Délina and Nésiphore. Front row: Sévère, Phédime, Emiliana, Odile and Odile, the spouse of Sévère

Family 3.JPG

The family of William Daoust (Theodule, Jean Baptiste, Louis, Francois, Guillaume, Guillaume). From left: baby Robert in Noella Robert’s arms, his mother and the wife of Marcel Daoust, the son of Arthur Sr; Aime Taillefer, the father of Gloriana, the wife of Arthur Daoust Sr (son of William Daoust); Emile Daoust, the son of Arthur Daoust Sr; Edesse Belair, the wife of Aime Taillefer; Marcel Daoust, the son of Arthur Daoust Sr; William Daoust, the patriarch of the family; Arthur Daoust, the son of Arthur Sr (son of William); Arthur Daoust Sr (son of William); Jeannette Daoust (daughter of Arthur Sr); Gloriana Taillefer, the wife of Arthur Daoust Sr and Jeanine Martin, a close family friend. Photo taken c. 1940.


My D'Aoust Family - Albert Armand Seraphin D'Aoust  - L/R Albertine, Marie-Jeanne, Marie-Jeanne, Anna Raiche, Emilia, Achille, Diane, Albert, Omer, Yvonne, Alice, Paul.