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A number of years ago then I was working on the D’Aoust genealogy book I came across fourteen family members who died in the two wars, six in WW1 and eight in WW2.

I decided to do more detailed research on these 14 individuals.  The information found at the National Archive convinced me to release a book that the D’Aoust family could better understand their Ultimate Sacrifice made by our family.

I have completed the book “Our Families Will Never Forget”.

I’m now looking for a Family member that can write and tell a story.

If you are that person please contact me in Waterloo and we can discuss the future of this family history book.

 I realized that I’m not that person to write this book.  I can research a book but when it comes to telling the story I fail miserably

I need the families help in with this project.  If any family members have information on the soldiers that died in the service of their country in WW1 & WW2 please contact me in Waterloo at 519-886-1242 or e-mail at bdaoust@rogers.com

Listed below are the family members that made the Ultimate Sacrifice.

World War One

Chapter #1               Daoust Eloi                                         Jun 5, 1917                 
Chapter #2               Daoust Ovila                                       Oct 15, 1917               
Chapter #3               Daoust Omer                                      Nov 9, 1917                
Chapter #4               D'Aoust Eugene                                 Sep 3, 1918                 
Chapter #5               Daoust Rodolph Emelien                Sep 29, 1918               
Chapter #6               Daoust Wilfred                                    Aug 30, 1919              


World War Two

Chapter #7               D'Aoust Paul-Emile                            Apr 8, 1942                 
Chapter #8               Daoust Richard Cecil                        Sep 10, 1942               
Chapter #9               Daoust Roger Henry Jules               Jan 6, 1944                 
Chapter #10             Daoust Joseph Jean Royal              Apr 8, 1944                 
Chapter #11             Daoust Joseph Harold Hector         May 7, 1944               
Chapter #12             Daoust Andre                                      Jul 22, 1944                
Chapter #13             D'Aoust Gerard Rraoul                      Aug 14, 1944
Chapter #14             Daoust Rene Victor                            Nov 29, 1944

I am looking for pictures, short stories and any other details that would give insight into the lives of these cherished family members. Any help would be greatly appreciated